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Leadership Lessons from my Papa

Love you dad!!

Never change your behavior depending on the social class : Be yourself

I come from much divided society, where you have to act your class! My father’s behavior was always friendly and respectful with every one among all classes: be it Ricksha puller, doorkeeper or General Manager of State Bank of India.

Do not panic..ever..

Sometimes we get frustrated seeing  him so calm even in the situations where we thought he should not be that calm. He taught us this mantra – never ever panic, it never helps!

There is always positive side of things..always!

There is always something positive even in the most dreadful situations.
My father always appreciated my school-college-university grades even in the situations where they were not as good as he would like to see. He always figured out to see a positive side in situations and encouraged me to improve.

Listen as much as you can

Listen actively to others. Empathize rather jump to a  conclusions quickly.

Anger is good if you can diffuse quickly and re-purpose positively

Sometimes anger is fine!! He taught us how to re-purpose it positively.  He always taught us – be the change rather crib for a change.

Now my father is on perennial celestial journey but I want to let him know when I first time saw “Keep Calm and Walk On!” poster, I thought my Papa authored it !

Happy Fathers’ Day !!



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